Drink Fibs

Like the wink of an eye, Fibs is cheeky and playful. This brand new non-alcoholic beverage is perfect for those who like to keep their wits about them, all while delivering the satisfying mood of a real gin & tonic.

Fibs Virgin G&T comes in two delectable flavours: Classic Dry and our pink Rose & Cucumber. While Fibs takes itself seriously as a healthy and guilt-free refreshment, we are all about having fun. A little white lie never hurt anyone, especially when it tastes exactly like the real thing!

Tell me lies…

Unlike other non-alcoholic imitation drinks, Fibs does not fake it to make it – it fibs to your face!

Fibs stands out for its amazing taste and unbelievable similarity to real gin & tonics. Whether you’re pregnant, a teetotaler or just don’t like hangovers, Fibs provides young and old with a satisfying non-alcoholic alternative to sugary sodas and juices. It’s so good at fibbing, you won’t tell the difference.

Quality and Earth Friendly

Let’s be honest… Fibs doesn’t settle for second best.

Fibs is sourced from reliable, earth-friendly suppliers and mixed together with pure mountain spring water. All ingredients are carefully chosen to perfectly suit the palate of most gin & tonic drinkers. And with two delectable flavours – Classic Dry and Rose & Cucumber – there’s a fib for every taste.


Fibs wins prestigious Mercurys Award in Dubai

Fibs was named the top beverage at the 2018 Mercurys Awards, held in Dubai. The Mercurys is the most prestigious award in travel catering, worldwide, sought after by only the best and most pro-active companies in the industry. Stiff competition became watered down as the cheeky brand took home the award.


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