Like the wink of an eye, Fibs is cheeky and playful. This brand new non-alcoholic beverage is perfect for those who like to keep their wits about them, all while delivering the satisfying mood of a real gin & tonic.

Fibs Virgin G&T comes in two delectable flavours: Classic Dry and our pink Rose & Cucumber. While Fibs takes itself seriously as a healthy and guilt-free refreshment, we are all about having fun. A little white lie never hurt anyone, especially when it tastes exactly like the real thing!

Fibs Rose & Cucumber Virgin G&T

Fragrant with rose and cucumber notes with a hint of citrus, this G&T will make you dream of magical summer nights. Serving Suggestion: Take an ice cold Fibs, twist the cap and enjoy the burst of favour in your mouth. Garnish with cucumber and a squeeze of lime.

Ingredients: Carbonated Spring Water, Cane sugar, Malic acid,Citric acid, Flavourings: Quinine + Juniper + Rose + Cucumber

Fibs Classic Dry Virgin G&T

The Classic G&T taste offset by fresh lemon and undercut by a little sweetness is the perfect way to unwind your day. Serving Suggestion: Take an ice cold Fibs, twist the cap and enjoy the fresh, crispy flavours of a true G&T. Garnish with a slice of
orange and thyme.

Ingredients: Carbonated Spring Water, Cane sugar, Malic acid, Citric acid, Flavourings: Quinine + Juniper

Quality and Earth Friendly

Let’s be honest… Fibs doesn’t settle for second best.

Fibs is sourced from reliable, earth-friendly suppliers and mixed together with pure mountain spring water. All ingredients are carefully chosen to perfectly suit the palate of most gin & tonic drinkers. And with two delectable flavours – Classic Dry and Rose & Cucumber – there’s a fib for every taste.

Tell me lies...

Unlike other non-alcoholic imitation drinks, Fibs does not fake it to make it – it fibs to your face!

Fibs stands out for its amazing taste and unbelievable similarity to real gin & tonics. Whether you’re pregnant, a teetotaler or just don’t like hangovers, Fibs provides young and old with a satisfying non-alcoholic alternative to sugary sodas and juices. It’s so good at fibbing, you won’t tell the difference.